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  • Maximize your software quality, performance and availability with minimum risks and costs

  • Prepare your application to meet the changing technology landscapes ¬and agile development market

  • Ensure quicker time-to-market and demonstrate return on investment with flexible QA processes in place

  • Get flawless applications to maximize customer satisfaction and retention rates

Application Quality Assurance

Full-spectrum of testing services to reduce software maintenance cost and achieve faster time-to-market…

The rapid rise in competitive pressures has made Quality Assurance (QA) and Software Testing an absolute necessity in order to release high-availability, high-performance and high-quality software at reduced costs and quicker time-to-market.

Cygnet Infotech provides QA and testing services encompassing the entire spectrum of the software development lifecycle to ensure required quality and performance of the inherent processes and methods.

We have a team of qualified QA and test engineers who have extensive experience in software testing – right from simple web, mobile, desktop and cloud applications to intricate cross-platform software and embedded systems.

Technology Expertise

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Our QA and testing practices involve verification and validation of applications under controlled conditions and identifying resolution of problems and subsequent improvement of processes to ensure there are no defects. No matter how complex your testing requirements are, we are capable of addressing them with our wide range of QA and test offerings.

Manual & Functional Testing

We provide end-to-end functional testing to verify and validate functioning of a given application or component utilizing industry best practices and processes. We also provide support for manual testing from our dedicated test labs to test and evaluate the correctness and integrity of the function under check.

Black Box Testing | White Box Testing | Regression Testing | System Testing | Integration Testing | User Acceptance Testing | Unit Testing | Data Migration Testing | Smoke Testing | Sanity Testing

Non-Functional Testing

We provide non-functional testing to test the non-functional aspects of an application under check. Our non-functional testing covers evaluating application on several grounds except functional elements to meet the defined criteria ensuring maximum performance, stability and usability.

Performance Testing | Usability Testing | Security Testing | User Experience Testing | Compliance Testing | Load Testing | Stress Testing | Compatibility Testing

Test Automation

We also provide test automation services utilizing our specialized test automation solution called TestingWhiz. It works on a codeless architecture that helps in accelerating test automation of web and cloud applications and integrates popular bug tracking tools like Atlassian JIRA, Mantis and Fogcreek Fogbugz.

Keyword Driven Testing | Data-Driven Testing | Regression Automation | Cross-browser Testing | Test Management

Case Studies

  • Automated Testing for a Digital Media Publisher

    A leading digital media company, rapidly expanding, was seeking ways of standardizing and speeding up its complex publishing process across different websites. Cygnet delivered test automation using Selenium to accelerate and streamline the process of implementing web changes.

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  • Selenium Test Automation Solutions

    Cygnet Infotech implemented end-to-end Regression Automation using Selenium for a global provider of procurement and sourcing solutions for  eSourcing, Contract Management, Spend Analysis, Supplier Management, Financial Savings Management, and application suites covering Procurement to Payment. 

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  • Performance Testing for a Social Media Application

    Cygnet Infotech delivered load & performance testing services using MS Visual Studio Load Testing Solution. Helped identifying the bottleneck and defects that cropped up when the application was under the load of more than 1000 users.

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  • Testing the Accuracy of a Data Warehouse Implementation

    Our client provides data warehouse development and implementation services to its customers. Cygnet provided testing services to help in verifying the accuracy of reports generated from the data warehouse.

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  • Product Testing of an SQL Query Accelerator

    Our French client is the provider of a unique product - a SQL query accelerator. Cygnet provided software product testing services to ascertain the functionality of product, it involved testing in conjunction with different databases such as Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SQL server and others.

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  • We commit quality, reliability and security in all sorts of testing assignments dictated by our affiliation with ISTQB, Borland and NEOTYS.
  • We utilize industry best practices and methodologies for testing applications that are in line with our CMMI Level 3 accreditations.
  • At Cygnet, we use standard QA and testing processes and frameworks to verify and meet the expected application quality and performance benchmarks.
  • We have dedicated testing labs and well-defined project management models that are certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.
  • We have a sophisticated quality measurement system (QISMS) in place for maintaining standard QA and testing practices.

Cygnet has served 300 clients from 28 countries across the globe.

Delivered close to 700 projects – you can rely on us for timely and quality services

A large team of experienced digital marketing professionals with expertise in SMO, PPC management, SMO, email marketing, CRO and other key online marketing areas.

We are happy to sign an NDA, and we simplify the process.

Your ideas, concepts, data and IP rights will be secured and protected.

Get regular reporting and analytics, communicate with resources through email, GTalk, Skype and other tools.

We have powerful security systems in place, and we can fortify it further for special projects