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Tel: +44-20-8099-1653

  • Reduce complexities of your IT Infrastructure and improve your business ROI

  • Streamline business processes by connecting different applications in real-time

  • Unify data, applications and resources to improve organizational agility

  • Get relevant information from distributed systems and environments within fractions of seconds

  • Retrieve timely and consistent information to foster collaboration and automation across your enterprise

Enterprise Application Integration

Combine the power of multiple applications with Enterprise Application Integration...

In today’s world, enterprises require more than one application to perform a variety of work processes. These enterprises, often experience trouble in utilizing information from multiple applications, since these applications work mostly in distributed and incompatible environments. The key to resolving these issues lies in Enterprise Application Integration which enables organizations to work promptly by integrating disparate applications and their information in real-time. EAI allows enterprises to work in tandem with multiple applications at a single point of time improving the overall productivity and contribution of each application in a particular business process.

Cygnet Infotech provides end-to-end EAI solutions enabling enterprises to combine underlying applications for facilitating real-time information sharing to run various aspects of business. We understand that in the age of cloud computing, virtualization and mobility, applications need to be flexible and scalable to be adapted according to business requirements. With our EAI solutions, we help enterprises leverage different applications simultaneously by connecting them and aligning their functioning to contribute in the big picture.

Value Benefits

Cygnet’s EAI solution is focused towards reducing the overall complexities of client’s IT infrastructure by combining the best of their applications in real-time to respond smartly and quickly to business requirements and market changes.

  • Business ProcessesApplications more aligned with business processes
  • Reduced Application Maintenance CostsReduced application maintenance costs and complexities arising out of heterogeneous environmental workings
  • Application FunctioningBetter control and visibility across all application functioning
  • Quicker Business ProcessesQuicker business processes and faster time-to-market with timely access to right information
  • Enhanced CompatibilityEnhanced compatibility and flexibility among applications helps boost business processes