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Tel: +44-20-8099-1653

  • Overwhelmed by data deluge?

    Automate data storage, categorization and retrieval. Make sense of all business information. Save money at every step of information asset management cycle.

  • Leverage Cloud and Mobile to make the most of your information

    Rapidly capture, update and access business-critical information anytime, anywhere.

  • Secure and rationalize the content management process to make key information safe and accessible.

    Protect intellectual property and build disaster recovery capability.

  • Ensure compliance and mitigate regulatory risks

    Classify and archive information at the source. Replace separate silos with a single repository.

  • Foster collaboration and personalization by setting up centralized workplaces and forums.

    Simplify content discovery from smart mobiles, social interfaces and desktop applications.

Enterprise Content Management Solution

Accelerate time to organize, store and find useful information with ECM solutions

Due to upsurge of content and information in a variety of forms – web contents, mobile contents, documents, images, files, videos, etc., in both structured and unstructured formats, enterprises face constant challenges to effectively organize, access, store and use the information in the right way.

Cygnet’s Enterprise Content Management Solution helps your enterprise manage these structured and unstructured content and information providing significant efficiency to your business processes and workflows.


Cygnet ECM solutions help enterprises develop content management architectures, implement full-cycle CMS,  automate the business processes, enhance collaboration and much else besides.


We help enterprises plan and implement strategic content management systems and road-map whilst optimizing the information architecture and content mechanism.

  • Packaged CMS & DMS Implementation
  • On-Premise, On-Cloud & Mobile ECM Strategy
  • ECM Architecture and Workflow Design


We develop efficient, responsive and engaging web experience bridging the gap between IT and enterprise business processes.

  • Enterprise Websites & Microsites Development
  • Intranet & Extranet Portals Development
  • Web & Ecommerce Applications Development


We also help enterprises in managing and controlling all the content and information -documents, web forms, videos, database, etc. lying on-premise or on-cloud with practices which includes

  • Document Management & Archiving
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Knowledge & Records Management


We also enhance and optimize content architectures and processes of enterprises’ existing CMS by providing customization support.

  • Customization & Configuration – Dashboards, Reports, Search & Filter, WYSIWYG, Localization & Internationalization
  • Multi-Channel Features Development – Email Campaigns, Modules & Plug-ins


We help enterprises improve collaboration and integration among team members as well as business processes which empowers them to access and share information in real time.

  • Community, Blog & Forums Development
  • Third-party Application Integration - ERP, CRM & SCM Integration
  • Email, SEO & SMO Integration


We help enterprises avail ECM ensuring complete balance between performance and investment with extensive testing and assessment.

  • ECM Analytics, Testing and Optimization
  • ECM Syndication & Auditing
  • ECM Compliance & Security


We provide services to upgrade and enhance the usage of enterprises’ existing content repositories ensuring high availability and security.

  • ECM Versioning, Governance & Synchronization
  • ECM Migration & Upgrades
  • ECM Support & Maintenance

Platform Expertise

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Value Benefits

Leveraging Cygnet’s capabilities in ECM, enterprises can access the right content at the right time that help delivers ideas and information to customers, stakeholders, employees and partners in the right manner. Besides, enterprises can avail several other benefits.

  • Full cycle content managementFull-cycle content management
  • productivity with easy-to-access content and informationIncreased productivity with easy-to-access content and information
  • Accelerated time-to-informationAccelerated time-to-information
  • Enhanced collaboration and content sharingEnhanced collaboration and content sharing
  • content security and complianceImproved content security and compliance
  • Silos and Streamlined ProcessesCentralized Information Silos and Streamlined Processes
  • Reduced risk of unauthorized accessReduced risk of unauthorized access
  • Informed decision makingInformed decision making
  • processes and informationIntegrated people, processes and information


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