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Sell products from your store, anytime, anywhere

M1-Order is a next-generation ordering technology specially developed for home delivery companies including online stores, retail shops, restaurants and enterprises. It gives an instant and accurate solution to your customers for ordering your products from anywhere, anytime by scanning QR codes from their mobile devices.

How it is different

Buyers can purchase your products without searching online

Buyers can order your products without calling IVRs and customer service numbers

Buyers can shop without waiting for long checkouts

Key Features & Benefits

M1-Order comes integrated with amazing features and benefits that makes it easier for buyers as well as sellers to transact on the go.

  • Unlimited Product Upload
  • Intuitive Order Dashboard
  • Easy Order Management
  • Email Integration
  • POS, CRM & ERP Integration
  • Authorized Payment Gateway Integration
  • Diverse Delivery & Payment Options
  • Printable Template for Catalogs & Menus
  • Flexible Billing Plans
  • GPS Navigation for Product Shipping & Delivery
  • One App for Multiple Shopping
  • Secured Shopping & Payment
  • Facebook & Twitter Integration
  • Scan-to-order QR Codes
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Real-time Order Status & Notifications
  • Multiple Pickup & Delivery Options
  • Complete Order History
  • Easy Profile Management
  • GPS Navigation to locate store branches

How it works

M1-order uses unique M1 codes. It transforms your product catalogs, brochures and menus into scannable and code-enabled documents by embedding QR codes. Buyers can scan the QR codes and order items instantly from their M1-Order mobile apps.

M1-Order is supported with a ready-to-use order management back-end. Home delivery companies who register with M1-Order, get a web-based order dashboard to receive orders placed by their customers. The dashboard gets configured with email to send order notifications.

Companies can also use their smartphones, tablets and iPads to receive order notifications from customers on the go.

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